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Are you looking for a trustable therapy site with experienced doctors in the vicinity? With specialists covering different areas of therapy as PTSD and trauma? 

At First Step, we cater to all your needs with our services. We apply psychological practices and principles to the legal system that doubles as an expert witness in court testimony with our services.

Expertise in PTSD Treatment

At First Step, to help the patients work over their PTSD, the Prolonged Exposure method of treatment is used to help patients overcome their PTSD. It allows individuals break down their thoughts and symptoms related to the even for a better understanding. While PE trauma therapy is used to explore that particular situation and the feelings by themselves, for a better interpretation. 

The other methodology used is Cognitive Processing Therapy which helps us to get to the bottom of the cause of the specific feelings, thoughts, or behavior surrounding the event, for the healing process to start.

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Couples Counseling With First Step

For stress-free, fight-free, sometimes couples counseling comes in handy for you and your partner to better understand each other and look through the foggy clouds formed between both of you due to constant fights or arguments.

At First Step, we offer couples therapy to remove the stress, poor communication, and everything in between for better and peaceful relations.

Get a Better Lifestyle With First Step

At First Step, with 10+ years of experience, we guide and educate you to help you improve the overall quality of your daily life with individual counseling to help you focus on your goals and future milestones.

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Individual Counseling_Family

Family Therapy With First Step

We carter family therapy to help with all the issues that can affect the well-being of the family unit, individually and in a group, including significant life transitions and mental and physical health conditions, to help everyone in the family become a strong pillar for the family.

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First Step provides the best therapy services with over ten years of experience, with great legal system handling to help you make your therapy journey the best one possible with us.