Family Therapy

Family Therapy is designed to address specific issues that affect the wellbeing of the family unit, such as major life transitions, mental health conditions, or major medical illness.



Individual Counseling is a collaborative process between the patient and psychologist where psychological symptoms are discussed, monitored and treated in order to facilitate change and improve quality of life.



Couples Counseling is an invaluable tool for couples undergoing stress related to poor communication, major life changes or destructive relationship patterns.



Dr. Hernandez applies psychological practices and principles to the legal system, which provides court testimony as an expert witness. Dr. Hernandez’s areas of expertise include trauma, abuse, neglect and divorce.

Parent Coordinator Services

A Parent Coordinator (PC) is appointed by the court to use a combination of counseling, mediation and parent education to reduce the amount of conflict amongst split families. The objective is to help the family remain child-focused as they transition through the divorce process with as little conflict as possible and help the family reach a point where they can function on their own. The procedures with a PC are confidential, meaning the Parent Coordinator cannot be called to testify about the proceedings.

Parent Facilitator Services

A Parent Facilitator (PF) is appointed by the court to assist parents of split families resolve conflicts; however, the proceedings are not confidential. Therefore, a Parent Facilitator can testify in court about the details of the transition process.

Collaborative Divorce Services

The psychologist serves as a consultant to individuals seeking a collaborative divorce. The primary objectives involve facilitating healthy and productive communication aid in the resolution of child-related matters. This can include the development of a parenting plan.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a structured, time-limited treatment for various psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety, that has proven effective across numerous research trials. Therapists and patients work together to identify and alter unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns to provide relief of symptoms.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD

Prolonged Exposure (PE) is a treatment specifically designed to effectively and efficiently treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PE has proven effectiveness in treatment of PTSD due to combat exposure, sexual assault and other traumatic experiences. The patient and psychologist work together to gradually approach trauma-related memories, feelings and situations to provide relief from symptoms and improve functioning.

Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD

Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD is a structured treatment that has been found to be highly effective for the treatment of PTSD and related symptoms following traumatic events. This treatment focuses on the way the traumatic event is interpreted and continues to impact the individual’s thoughts and behaviors. The objective is to aid the patient in regaining mastery and control over his or her life after the traumatic event.

Exposure Therapies for Specific Phobias

Exposure Therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that is designed to help people manage problematic fears, such as fears of closed spaces, heights, animals, etc. The psychologist and patient work together to gradually gain confidence and comfort with the feared item or situation in a safe and effective manner.

Evaluation Services

Court-ordered Evaluations

Dr. Hernandez has extensive experience providing court-ordered psychological evaluations and testimony as part of civil and criminal proceedings.

Custody Evaluations

Dr. Hernandez conducts custody evaluations that are designed to provide further information about each parent’s ability to parent.

Child Protective Services Evaluations

Dr. Hernandez is a contractor with CPS and will conduct evaluations of the parents and children. She will then make recommendations regarding the need for treatment services based on intellectual, personality and/or emotional problems that might affect the client’s ability to parent, with the child’s best interest in mind.

Disability Evaluations

Dr. Hernandez conducts an examination in order to determine the presence and functional limitations related to mental health issues for individuals seeking Social Security disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

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